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Engaging parents as partners. Re-shaping children’s first experiences in school.
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ParentCorps' evidence shows that children, with ParentCorps, have a 24% lower risk of reading below grade level in kindergarten.
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Click to learn more about ParentCorps' impact in elementary school.
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ParentCorps transforms the pre-K experience by helping schools partner with families to build a future where all children thrive.

Missions and Values

“The most important thing I’ve learned is to take care of myself and ask for help when I need it. It is ok for us to talk about what it’s like to be parents, to be honest about how tough it can be… and to be proud of ourselves for working so hard to give our kids a good life.”

ParentCorps Parent

“Programs often come in with the lens of expert. Instead, ask:

How do we honor parents’ expertise with their own children and their autonomy to choose what’s best for their families?”

Kai-ama Hamer, Director, ParentCorps

Commitment to Racial Equity

At all levels of our work, racial equity is our North Star.

In working with families, we aim to interrupt harmful patterns of outsiders telling people of color how to parent, and to honor families' culture, lived racial experience, and expertise.


In working with educators, we aim to bring race and racism into the conversation, and support authentic relationships with families.

In working with system leaders, we aim to partner on efforts to build a new early education experience that addresses entrenched inequities for Black and brown children.

Lastly, our work is internal. We are committed to ongoing learning and deepening our commitment to racial equity — in our work and ourselves. 

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Public Partners

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Philanthropic Partners

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