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What to Know


Our school district and Head Start partners pay for ParentCorps in a range of ways. Here’s what to know to determine which funding stream in your system may be the best fit.

ParentCorps aligns directly with many “school readiness” funding streams (local, state, federal). 


Our programming supports 14 of the 21 dimensions of school readiness endorsed by the National Education Goals Panel, helping to improve both child readiness outcomes and schools’ readiness for children.

ParentCorps helps programs meet Head Start program performance standards - meaning grantees can reliably leverage federal Head Start funds to partner with us. 


ParentCorps Professional Development gives staff the tools to “recognize parents’ roles as children’s lifelong educators” and engage parents as partners, a key aspect of performance standards. ParentCorps is also one of several highlighted parenting curricula cited in the Head Start Parenting Curricula Review Database to help programs meet performance standards.

ParentCorps’ Parenting Program and Professional Development are eligible expenses under Title I-A


ParentCorps helps school systems to improve family and caregiver involvement and build home-school connection, thus education departments can use Title I-A funding, including state grants, to fund partnership.

ParentCorps qualifies for Title II-A Funds


ParentCorps Professional Development helps teachers and leaders to effectively engage parents and caregivers and help all students develop skills essential for learning readiness, as described in ESSA, Title II-A.

ParentCorps qualifies for funding under Preschool Development Grants


ParentCorps is highly aligned depending on the focus of a state’s award, i.e. grants supporting family engagement and culturally responsive teaching.

ParentCorps qualifies for ESSER funds


In states that have been granted extensions, ParentCorps can still be purchased using Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds.

Interested in bringing ParentCorps to your school district or Head Start community? 

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