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Executive Leadership

Kai-ama Hamer headshot

Kai-ama Hamer, MA 

Director, ParentCorps

Isabel Chau headshot

Isabel Chau, LCSW

Manager, Equity, Growth & Wellness

Erin Lashua-Shriftman headshot

Erin Lashua-Shriftman, MA 

Manager, Data

Katherine Rosenblatt headshot_edited.jpg

Katherine Rosenblatt, LCSW

Manager, Programming

Spring Dawson-McClure headshot

Spring Dawson-McClure, PhD

Manager, Research Strategy 

Michelle Mondesir headshot

Michelle Mondesir, MPH

Manager, Programming

Shanika Gunaratna headshot

Shanika Gunaratna, MPP

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Dana Rhule

Dana Rhule, PhD

Manager, Programming


Laurie Brotman, PhD

Founder and Senior Advisor

Executive Leadersip


“Collaboration is about contributing meaningfully to the whole and receiving the gifts that others bring.”

Michelle Boyd, ParentCorps Specialist



Danielle Ajayi, MA

ParentCorps Supervisor

Karina Ciprian

Karina Ciprian, MSW

ParentCorps Specialist

Leila Eldomyati headshot

Leila Eldomyati, MPH

ParentCorps Educator


Wendy Haber, Psy.D

ParentCorps Specialist


Keya Kuruvilla

ParentCorps Educator


Melissa Santos, LMSW

ParentCorps Specialist


Kwanza Branch

Senior Program Coordinator


Maité Covas

Senior Program Coordinator

Lisa Ellrodt headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Lisa Ellrodt. LMSW

ParentCorps Educator

Meghan Hurley headshot

Meghan Hurley, EdM, LMHC

ParentCorps Supervisor

Sharon Lee headshot

Sharon Lee, LMSW

ParentCorps Supervisor

Debra Stellabotte headshot

Debra Stellabotte

ParentCorps Supervisor


Tara Bowser, LMSW

ParentCorps Educator

Regine Dunn headshot

Regine Dunn, MPA, LMSW

ParentCorps Educator

Sair Goldenberg headshot

Sair Goldenberg, LMSW

ParentCorps Educator

Farzana Karim headshot

Farzana Karim, MPH

Program Coordinator

Kyle McGee headshot

Kyle McGee, LMSW

ParentCorps Educator

Tisha Tucker headshot

Tisha Tucker, MPH

ParentCorps Educator

background image of parents

“When I reflect on autonomy, I think about my experiences as a mother, making decisions for my family, educating my children, and having freedom to try different approaches, to fail and try again... And as a white mother, with white children, I recognize the privilege in this. The privilege to fail. The privilege to mother in a system built to support me in choosing what is best for my family. I believe that ParentCorps strives for all caregivers to have freedom to parent and support their children in the ways they know are best for their family.”

Erin Lashua-Shriftman, ParentCorps Manager


Core Operations

Core Operations


Cirielle Colino

Cirielle Colino

ParentCorps Supervisor

Cris Escudero Patterson headshot_edited.

Cris Escudero Patterson

Research Coordinator

Jonathan Epstein

Jonathan Epstein, MA

Program Coordinator

 Sharmin Hoque headshot

Sharmin Hoque, MPH

Program Coordinator

Growth Strategy


Michelle Boyd, MPH, LMSW

ParentCorps Specialist

Patricia Garcia Headshot_edited.jpg

Patricia Garcia, MA

Gifts & Grants Manager


Paige Moriarty, MS

Business Development Manager - School District Partnerships


Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven

Communications Specialist

Cindy Gray headshot_edited.jpg

Cindy Gray, ECSE

Senior Program Coordinator

Charis Durrance headshot

Charis Durrance, MS

Business Development Manager


Barbara Kaufman

Graphic Designer

Equity, Growth & Wellness

Kimberly Tortora headshot

Kimberly Tortora, MA, MPA

ParentCorps Specialist

background image of staff


“Evidence means leaning into what has been tested and shown to work... Evidence is a form of power and one that we have the power to wield to advance equity and bridge worlds.”

Michelle Boyd, ParentCorps Specialist

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