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NYU Langone Health faculty developed ParentCorps to target entrenched health and education inequities for children living in historically disinvested neighborhoods. The first program was piloted in Harlem, New York.

Pre-K students playing with a puppet in the classrom.
Two young children walking outside with their parents.


The first randomized controlled trials began to test ParentCorps’ impact in pre-K programs in elementary schools in Brooklyn, New York. Read more on ParentCorps’ sustained impacts on children's academic achievement, mental health and physical health here.


ParentCorps was adapted to further integrate within school districts and Head Starts, including flexible options for teachers to incorporate social-emotional learning in the classroom.

Two young boys with their grandmother.
Pre-K students with their hands in the air playing a game.
School-based staff participating in a ParentCorps Professional Development training.
A group of ParentCorps facilitators including school-based mental health professionals, teachers, and parent support staff.


Before 2014, ParentCorps facilitated its programming directly. Then, the organization shifted toward a model in which ParentCorps staff trained, coached, and supported school staff to implement the program. The goal was to deepen ParentCorps’ impact by embedding the content more fully into the fabric of a school.


ParentCorps piloted programs in Corpus Christi, Texas and Detroit, Michigan to test the model’s adaptability in diverse settings beyond NYC.

A pre-K child painting with an older child in a classroom.
Illustration of the US map with Michigan, New York, and Texas highlighted.
Children sitting in a circle for story time in their pre-K classroom.
A pre-K student coloring with a crayon at her desk.


ParentCorps partnered with the nation's largest school district, the NYC Department of Education, to scale and continue testing ParentCorps as part of Pre-K for All.


ParentCorps began a randomized controlled trial led by the University of Texas at Austin to evaluate model impact across urban elementary schools serving primarily Latinx families living in high poverty.

A young child and his mother reading a book.
Two children and their mother using a ParentCorps tool at home.
Illustration showing children interacting with their families using ParentCorps tools at home.
Two young children and their parents playing with a ParentCorps tool at home.


As a response to the pandemic, ParentCorps began offering social-emotional learning tools in English, Spanish and Chinese on our website to support educators, families and children in skill-building at home. Download free tools here.


ParentCorps launched new virtual learning series to support educators with topics including adult social-emotional learning and culturally responsive education.

Two children looking at a laptop screen with their mother.
Illustration showing a video call on a computer.
A young boy giving his pre-K teacher a high five.
Two children of color interacting with their teacher in a pre-K classroom.


To continue growing the model nationally, ParentCorps began connecting with new school districts and Head Start partners. Learn how to partner with ParentCorps here.

Are you interested in making a donation to support ParentCorps? Learn more about the process.

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