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Asian grandmother and grandkids

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Individual donations will support ParentCorps in continued efforts to reach as many children and families as possible. Make a one-time or recurring donation here. 

Get in touch for philanthropic partnership

Philanthropic partnership is key to directly increase our impact. Philanthropic funds allow us to offer ParentCorps at a cost that school systems can afford, strengthen our foundational capabilities for scale, innovate on our model, and more. Values-aligned funders, please reach out for a conversation here.

 Thank you for helping ParentCorps build a  future where all children thrive. 

“Over my decade of working at ParentCorps, I have learned so much about how change happens within a system. It's not by simply laying a program on top of a system. Our work cannot be accomplished without the collaboration of key partners or without flexibility and adaptiveness. We must listen and hear what a school community wants and needs.”

Erin Lashua-Shriftman, ParentCorps Manager of Data

“ParentCorps can be a grounding platform for parents to form a community to learn more about resources, but also to share the struggles, the difficulties, and to feel safe to talk about them together.”

Ying Duan, Early Childhood Mental Health Clinician and ParentCorps Facilitator

We are growing. See our impact and learn how to partner with ParentCorps.

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