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Social-Emotional Learning Resources

Social-emotional well being for young children - and the adults who care for them - is critical. Download free resources to help adults and children navigate their feelings, in classrooms and back home, everyday.

Why is it important to learn about feelings?

Click below to download free tools to support adult and children’s social-emotional

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Tools for Classrooms
Graphic of a ParentCorps classroom full of tools to support adult and childrens' social and emotional health and family engagement.


ParentCorps' All Learners Welcome poster

All Learners Welcome Poster


Welcome all children and families with this warm and inviting poster. Use this poster to start conversations that celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of every child and family. Written in 10 different languages, this poster can foster a classroom community where all learners are welcome, and all learners belong.

Recommended print size: 11 x 17 Tabloid - Portrait

Tools for Home
ParentCorps Give Praise flyer

Give Praise! Flyer

Catch children being good and share appreciation for their extraordinary effort. Effective praise builds a child’s self esteem, identity and motivation, and helps them understand the impact and power of their actions. This leaflet has many helpful suggestions on how to praise effectively and with confidence. 

Recommended print size: 8.5 x 11 Letter - Portrait

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