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Celebrating 25 Years of ParentCorps

Updated: Jul 2

On June 12, ParentCorps celebrated its 25th anniversary. More than 100 of our partners and staff gathered for a party on the rooftop of The Ainsworth Midtown where we ate, drank, and spent time together commemorating the impact our program has had over the last two and a half decades. 

Below, you’ll see some of the beautiful photos taken during the event (credit to the talented @kwayeralacy).  

In this episode, you’ll hear two incredible ParentCorps stories: one from Mia Roberts and Alicia Dent, a mother-daughter duo who both facilitate pieces of ParentCorps, and one from Tom Sheppard, a Bronx father who attended ParentCorps more than 10 years ago. He shares how the things he learned have stuck with him as his children have grown from tiny humans to hungry teenagers. You can also listen on Spotify

Thank you to every educator, social worker, and parent who's ever worked with or participated in ParentCorps. We hope you'll join us as we embark on the next 25 years of partnership and impact with early childhood education programs across the country.

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