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Spotlight on ParentCorps airing on local TV nationwide

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Teacher interacting with two young students in a classroom.
Teacher interacting with two young students in a classroom.

ParentCorps was recently showcased by Child Trends News Service, a unique partnership between leading child development nonprofit Child Trends and national local TV news syndicator Ivanhoe Broadcast News, focused on highlighting actionable education research for parents and teachers through commercial news media.

In a two-part feature, ParentCorps Director Dr. Laurie Brotman and Associate Director Kai-ama Hamer highlight ParentCorps’ efforts to help schools partner with families to build a future where all children thrive.

In part one, Kai-ama Hamer and Dr. Laurie Brotman explain ParentCorps, and the positive effects of engaging parents beginning in pre-K:

In part two, Dr. Laurie Brotman describes ParentCorps’ beginnings in New York City, current efforts to grow nationwide, and evidence base showing lasting impacts for children. “As pre-K continues to expand across the country, I think it's really important to continue to focus on high quality pre-K. For us, high quality pre-K is about the children and about the families. And every high quality pre-K program must include culturally responsive family engagement,” Dr. Laurie Brotman said.

Cindy Gray is a ParentCorps Educator.

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