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 Come for the Strategies, 

 Stay for the Community 

“ParentCorps is the support group I didn’t know I needed.” 


-  ParentCorps Parent

Raising children is hard no matter how much experience you have. Children don’t come with instruction guides and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you navigate the joys and struggles of parenthood. 

ParentCorps’ parenting program was developed by researchers in New York City in 1999 to provide a place for connection, learning, community building, reflection, and support for caregivers of pre-K children. Since then, thousands of families have participated and helped to improve it.  

For 12 weeks, we will come together, share ideas, and talk about issues related to raising children. Each week focuses on a different topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from ParentCorps’ parenting program?  

A safe and judgment-free environment with other caregivers, where the group shares, reflects, and learns about parenting strategies and child development.


Who can join?

Literally any adult who is involved in the child’s life can come. That means you too, grandparents, older siblings, aunt/uncles, etc! 


How many sessions are there? How long do they last?

There are 12 weekly sessions that are 90 minutes each. ParentCorps values flexibility so it’s okay to join when you can!


What are the sessions like?

You will learn about, reflect on, and discuss a different topic each week. The sessions help you realize that you’re not alone when dealing with challenges parents and caregivers face. You’ll have the chance to think about your own childhood, and how that does or does not impact how you parent. You will also learn about different strategies and tools for parenting. 


Do I have to attend?

Not at all, it’s totally voluntary. If you try it out and decide it's not for you, that won’t change any school services you receive. 


I don’t have child care. Can I bring my younger children?

Absolutely! No one understands all that you’re juggling more than other caregivers. 


What happens if I cannot attend every session?

That’s totally ok, we know that things come up and being free at the same time every week can be hard! Come when you can and it’s okay to join late. 


What topics are covered? 

The group facilitator will talk about things like how to set up routines, how to support children through big feelings, how to make mealtime a little easier, using playtime as a powerful way to connect with your child, how to approach tantrums, and more! 


When do the sessions start? 

Your child’s teacher should know when ParentCorps will start. Programs typically begin in or around January. 

“The most important thing I’ve learned is to take care of myself and ask for help when I need it. It is ok for us to talk about what it’s like to be parents, to be honest about how tough it can be… and to be proud of ourselves for working so hard to give our kids a good life.”

-  ParentCorps Parent

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