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Ibm Storage Manager 10 Download Ds3500 annhal




Can you please tell me the location of IBM DS3500 Controller Firmware Software update? I am using DS3524 I found the location in A: The same place I listed. Q: How do I target a css class within another one in WordPress? Hi I've got a bit of an issue with my Wordpress site. I'm trying to target a CSS class within another class using JS within a WP file. Is there any way to do this? Here's the JS I'm using: add_filter('wp_enqueue_scripts','my_enqueue'); function my_enqueue() { wp_enqueue_style( 'test', get_stylesheet_uri() ); } And here's the CSS code I'm trying to target: .slider.test.slider_content.slider_content_inner > p { position: relative; margin: auto; font-size: 10px; width: 50%; padding: 50px; box-sizing: border-box; height: 300px; } I've tried a lot of variations but none of them work. A: The answer is yes. Just add the class you want to target to the selector. For example: .slider.test.slider_content.slider_content_inner > p { ... } This will target any element with class name.slider_content_inner that is a direct descendant of a div with class name.slider_content that is a child of a div with class name.slider that has a parent with class name test. Q: Varnish and Full-page cache with HTTPS So I'm working on a web application, that allows people to upload stuff. A user's session expires in 10 minutes. Now to the question: I'd like to implement a (very) basic FPC. But, my problem is, that i need to serve the page over https, to prevent the user from "accidentally" storing cookies





Ibm Storage Manager 10 Download Ds3500 annhal

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