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ParentCorps x Parent Nation book giveaway

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Graphic highlighting giveaway of a book titled "Parent Nation."
Members of the ParentCorps community have the opportunity to receive a free preorder of "Parent Nation."

We’re excited to announce an opportunity for the ParentCorps community to receive a free preorder of Parent Nation, the forthcoming book from Dr. Dana Suskind. All you have to do is sign up here (offer valid while supplies last).

Dr. Suskind’s book, which expands on her 2015 bestseller, Thirty Million Words, offers a revelatory new look at the neuroscience of early childhood development and how it can guide us toward a future in which all children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Parent Nation weaves together the science of foundational brain development with history, political science, and the lived experiences of families around the country.

Dr. Suskind shows that the status quo—parents left to shoulder the enormous responsibility of early childhood care, development, and education on their own without formal support or guidance—is not only unsustainable, but deeply detrimental to the well-being of children, families, and society. Her prescription for a more prosperous and equitable future is more robust support for parents during the most critical years of their children’s development.

Dr. Suskind argues that the work of building a Parent Nation belongs to each of us, so that all children can thrive and all parents can be supported in the important work of raising our future generations. We’re excited to offer this free book opportunity and to engage with your reactions and reflections as we gather in community going forward.

Shanika Gunaratna is a Program Manager for Strategic Partnerships.

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