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ParentCorps facilitator Rebecca Palacios talks to The Atlantic

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Stacks of children's building blocks.
Image courtesy of The Atlantic.

"One of the biggest mistakes I made in my career, early on, was not involving the families in my work," Rebecca Palacios said.

The importance of including parents in their children's earliest schooling is core to ParentCorps, and we were thrilled to read one of our star facilitators discuss this topic and more in The Atlantic. Rebecca Palacios, or Becky as we call her, started teaching in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1976, eventually becoming one of the most distinguished bilingual early childhood teachers not only in the district, but in the nation, with a long list of honors including being inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame.

A ParentCorps Parenting Program facilitator since 2018, Becky has been foundational to ParentCorps' efforts to support children, families and educators in Corpus Christi. Her interview in The Atlantic is packed with the wisdom of a veteran early childhood educator - here, Becky unlocks her expertise on integrating subjects thematically, incorporating reflection into a bilingual teaching practice, and forging a school environment where parents, teachers and students engage as family. Congrats to Becky on sharing her expertise with a national audience.

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