Crisis response, racial equity capacity building: Lessons from partnership

We are thrilled to share a new brief in The Future of Children, a collaboration between Brookings and Princeton. Building on a previous article describing our research-practice partnership with NYC to scale ParentCorps (an evidence-based enhancement to pre-K to reduce racial and income disparities in children’s educational and mental health outcomes), this brief distills major lessons from this partnership. Access the brief here – or read on for a visual summary...

An infographic showing the evolution of our unique research-practice partnership with the NYC Department of Education, including how it started (shown: logos of all partners), growth points (shown: scales of justice), wins (shown: educators and community members interacting), and goals for the future (shown: individuals pushing a lightbulb forward).

Read the full brief by Spring Dawson-McClure, Shanika Gunaratna, Kai-ama Hamer, and Laurie Brotman, published by The Future of Children, here.

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