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ParentCorps is scaled in early childhood education settings across the U.S. In close partnership with pre-K programs, we work to build a different pre-K experience – one that centers race and culture, engages parents as partners, and supports children’s social-emotional well-being – to help unlock the full promise of early childhood education.

Steps to becoming a ParentCorps Partner

partner needs

Agree on ParentCorps programming

to be provided

Begin Implementation

Grow the 
model across partner system

Key characteristics of a successful partnership

Small to medium public school district or Head Start grantee that serves culturally diverse children and families 
Strong leadership with a commitment to equity

Investment in enhancing family engagement to build strong relationships with families and bolster home-school connection
Interest in new ways to support children’s social-emotional learning and mental health 
Interest in teacher training emphasizing culturally affirming practices

What ParentCorps offers

 Early childhood educators participate in ParentCorps Professional Development

Professional Development

includes group based 
experiential training and one-on-one coaching to support pre-K staff to form strong, culturally responsive

relationships with families and promote children’s social-emotional well-being.


Parenting Program is a group based program designed to support families to promote children's early learning and development in a culturally affirming environment.


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Friends School is a
classrom-based social emotional learning program based on the wealth of evidence that children’s social-emotional learning is a critical foundation for school success and lifelong health.

ParentCorps' work in action

Last year's impact


children reached through


educators and school staff reached through 
professional development


total pre-K
programs reached


U.S cities

Where ParentCorps currently partners

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“ParentCorps is more than just professional development for staff or another parent meeting for parents. It’s an experience that gives you space to reflect on your past and how it has shaped your present. It builds community and connection as well as strengthens relationships amongst staff and families.”


Kecia Rorie, Operations Director, Starfish Family Services

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“ParentCorps includes deep, skilled and intentional training in equity which helps ParentCorps teachers recognize and build off the unique assets that each caregiver brings... In this context, parents don’t feel judged and both parents and children can bloom.”


Lis Stevens, Program Officer, Bezos Family Foundation

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“I like that the values and belief system behind ParentCorps are very parent-centered, family-centered. ParentCorps offers a lot of information to parents that is actually evidence-based.”


Ruben Fermín, NYC Early childhood Social Worker

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Are you a philanthropic funder, Head Start grantee, or a school district interested in partnership? We want to hear from you!

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